Given the impressive returns currently achievable in crypto markets, many retail and institutional investors are holding back because of risk and execution issues. Many investors choose to buy and hold various amounts and types of coins, convinced that in by doing so, they are guaranteed future gains later. While it is easy to see such a strategy can work and effectively return large scale rewards, the more likely version of events will result in the client either losing straight out on portfolio USD based value, or losing out on future accumulative buying power. Lastly, such clients notoriously miss out consistently on opportunities within the market, it is this opportunity cost that can be highly disruptive for any client seeking a profitable return through their investment in the market.

For Alpha style Investors: By using a traditional Buy & Hold approach you are following, not outperforming the market. While ETBOT systems improve returns without increasing risks.

For Beta Investors: The traditional Buy&Hold approach in crypto has the potential for losses of 50-80%. We are able to reduce this to 25% without significantly compromising your return.


Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is "a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent". Essentially the anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media, in the press and through close valued connections.

FOMO is at the end of the day a genuine psychological trigger that us humans can't help responding to. At ETBOT we encourage you to OWN YOUR FEAR. Set an Alpha or Beta strategy in place to suit your needs and profile. Benefit from market proven systems that profit automatically without you needing to be involved or even signed in online.

By taking control and efficiently connecting with our powerful systems designed to suit your needs, we at ETBOT feel confident in our abilities to deliver for you, over the long term.


The fear of financial loss can be crippling to some, or inspirational to others. Perhaps you know someone who believes they can only perform their best when their “back is against the wall”, or simply because they have no other choice. For many others, the sheer power of the fear of loss can immediately disable further needed or important actions for one's own financial needs. It can lead to leaving trades open that should be closed, or closing trades too early. Outside of trading FOL could lead you to not buy a house, or to leave a particular job. As always, each unique person will handle such emotions in their own unique way.

ETBOT recognises that both FOMO and FOL is a real issue for a majority of participants. With open freedom and access to technical and fundamental market and trade data, it is easy to imagine many interested opportunity seekers staying out of the market due to levels of fears relating to either potentially losing in the future, or missing out completely for opportunities at hand.

Whichever end of the spectrum, decisions rushed or led by fear normally will spell disaster quite quickly for anyone involved. This is truly why we created the powerful ETBOT system - we intend to take the needed decision making process out of your range of responsibility. We aim to connect to your funds and execute positions based on our proven strategies, to return to you profitability for the account and to provide a level of safety and self-assuredness for the potential gains to come.
Connect to our systems today and see for yourself the power of consistent and reliable profitable AI bot trading for your accounts.