Our Vision

Established in 2012, EndoTech successfully provided proprietary algorithms for hedge funds. Our vision has always been to help both retail and institutional clients to take control over the trading process and risks by developing and constantly improving our software.

In 2020, we re-invented our approach by making ETBOT a stand-alone product for our individual (retail) clients.

ETBot is our systematic AI/ML powered technical analysis algorithm created to capture and exploit market opportunities. Our system filters the noise of the market activity and provides valuable content on assets potential and price movements.

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Retail investors, also known as individual investors, purchase securities for their own personal accounts at their own risk and often trade in dramatically smaller amounts as compared to institutional investors like pensions, endowments or mutual funds.

If you are a retail investor, we offer you the opportunity to become as disciplined and cold-blooded as institutional traders. Our tools will help you to avoid typical emotional errors of retailers.

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Our team

Dr. Anna Becker

CEO & Co-Founder

Visionary, leads data scientists

Dmitry Gushchin

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Strategic Business Development

Margo Zolotykh

VP of Product

Product Owner, leads frontend developers and QA team

Adam Rubin

VP of Sales

Corporate Sales, leads Customer Service

Anatoly Deineka


Leads backend developers and data engineers

Ilya Zolotykh

VP of Support

Leads Technical Support team

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